Work 4.0 – the shoe pinches!

Like a pair of kids’ shoes that have gotten too small. Work in Germany

Technology has changed our everyday life rapidly

Our media consumption, our products – everything has been revolutionized by digitalization. The 20th century is considered the century of individualization.

The model of employment comes from another time

But if we were indeed individualized in a holistic way, employees would also decide where, when and how they work. But in most cases they do not. The world of work is just as slow to keep pace as our education system

The rate of employed persons in Germany is 44.48 million. The labour market does not encourage self-employment.

A confusing tax system with complicated deadlines, the suspicion of bogus self-employment with only one customer, cost-intensive social insurance, limited possibilities to protect oneself individually against cyber attacks as well as complex and expensive protection of inventions and trademarks are only some of the points from the long list of contra that intimidates.

This slows down the innovative power. Many ideas and concepts remain mere theory because there is a lack of material security to put them into practice. Thus, a cultural change in Germany can hardly be achieved.

Networked free people as courageous pioneers of a counter-movement

In the labour market of the self-employed, “the digital bohemian” has emerged in recent years. This is an example of how work can be done differently today: working creatively on projects of your own choice, contributing your own ideas and ideals. It is not social losers who work in the Co-Working Spaces, but the pioneers of Working World 4.0!

Just as the first bohemian movement in the last century provided the counter-trend to bourgeoisie, so the new edition of the same one provides the opposite to the outdated model of gainful employment. Here great ideas and concepts are born!

Individual work goals and ties are more important here than careers with purely monetary goals. The boundaries between work and leisure are becoming blurred. Projects with fixed deadlines are combined with flexible work locations and working hours.

These people take care of the content, marketing and distribution of their products. Their working style has the potential to revolutionise the entire working world.

The new bohemian Germany is strongly influenced by the Internet. She is enthusiastic about new innovations and is very familiar with the Internet and digital media. A minority that drives society and the economy forward and promotes innovation and progress!

The social organization of the digital bohemian world often reminds us of the Internet itself. There are no hierarchies, but rather networks and links in which each provider determines and operates autonomously. With their flexible working places, these people can link up with the most diverse parts of society and implement their work and productivity globally.

The government is asleep

Even the greatest free spirit and most creative mind needs a home and bread. The unconditional basic income would be of great advantage here

But the mills of politics grind slowly. Problems will not be solved in the near future. In the meantime, Germany is considered to be the country that is oversleeping digitisation. While other European cities are already testing concepts such as e-government or Internet access is available to all citizens free of charge, Germany is lagging behind in all areas.

The solution may come from the ranks of the countermovement itself

For example, the non-profit “Mein Grundeinkommen e.V.” has already financed 159 people with a basic income for one year by means of crowdfunding. If you follow the discussion in the social media, you will find some suggestions.

To wish that the self-interest of employers – namely, to create the transformation to the world of work 4.0 – will be a driver for fast and innovative solutions.

Concepts in solidarity with the bohemian world, for the restructuring of the labour market; a great idea!

Because one thing is certain – the old model of work will soon no longer fit.

Like a pair of children’s shoes that you look at nostalgically and yet remain too small.

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