Children of the new age – The world in a hundred years

by Gwynnefer Kinne

Children of the new age

Joytopia and Free meet freely, awake, close and honest. They already met at school. From the very first moment they felt this glow between them. No, actually it wasn’t a glow, more like a glow, but that didn’t hit it either. It was just as if everything around her was getting another, deeper dimension.

In the history classroom they have reached 2018

You will hear about fashionably dressed, strong made-up women. There is also talk of half-naked girls and girls with tight-fitting dresses and low necklines. On top of that, they try to look cleverly in order to catch a sexual partner. The teacher shows them a yellowed photo of a smoking girl wiggling her bottom and holding the beer bottle in her hand. Free thinks: But they do not look healthy. He hears the teacher talking about fat and anorexia. “No, such women could not have given birth to healthy children” thought Joytopia.

Joytopia and Free are relieved that they live in a different time

You both know that a real, lasting love only blossoms when men give birth to the long-awaited child together with the woman he loves. They treat their different worlds of thought with such respect and trust. They leave space between them and yet they are one. They love each other without making love a bondage.

Years later Joytopia wishes for a child and starts to think about it

Later, Free also wishes for a child and also starts to think about it. Both know that human thought makes things happen. Together they desire a child as the fruit of their great, dynamic unity and love.

While searching for their future family home, Joytopia and Free think of their future child without actually fathering it. After they have settled in, they draw up a plan on how they will prepare for the child they will have together: They cleanse their organism, especially the liver and kidneys, with the help of herbal decoctions and fasting cures. During this time they drink only spring water and do daily physical exercises to strengthen their muscles and pump their blood more intensively through their veins. They also go out into the fresh air every day for positive emotions.

They prepare for pregnancy with first-class training

They learn how to carry the child, birth, child care and pre-schooling. Since both imagine the child, it already exists. They have already learned this in their school days. The child will be born in their family home, that is out of the question. Free also has an active role to play during the birth.

Now everything is prepared

Free prepares a bed under the stars in the open sky. For three days they both fast and sleep under the starry sky. And every time before going to bed, Free washes his Joytopia with spring water. After washing, he dries them with a linen cloth. Free goes to bed wet with his wife. In those three days, they don’t get intimate.

While falling asleep under the starry sky, the two forgive each other for their missteps in the first night.

You start to imagine your future child

He thinks that his future child will resemble her. She thinks that her child will resemble him. After the third day they may become intimate. It had not been ordinary sex, but an ecstatic surge of creativity.

The consciousness of Joytopia and Free understand every human being as a conscious cell and are blissfully happy about the family bond. Intuitive sounding together and cooperative action continues to accompany their path. Altruistic sense of responsibility and global thinking are essential. Just happy that they have learned at school that they are responsible for their actions.






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