Old woman under water – The world in a hundred years

by Reingard Eberle

It is the year 2118

In the last 100 years, mankind has overexploited our world. Global warming has caused all the glaciers to melt, the sea level has risen by a few metres, flooding entire regions and islands.

The population of the earth now numbers 10 billion people

Space has become scarce, new ideas had to be developed. If there is already so much water, why not use it? The heads of state of the great nations have gathered the most intelligent and best researchers from all over the world. Large sums of money have been invested to develop new life opportunities.

Property was expropriated

The little free space on earth had to be saved to provide food for the many people. The possibility of acquiring real estate is practically impossible in 2118. The privately owned property was expropriated and became state property.


A new variant of life design is life under water. Here the space is infinite. People have learned to breathe like fish. Even babies are born with gills.

A new world

Besides the already existing cities on earth, which however have no more possibility for further development or enlargement, great underwater cities have been created.

Life expectancy has changed

A lot has changed. Work and earning money is a thing of the past. Computers do the work. Money is no longer important. Everyone has everything they need to live. The demands have become quite different. Progress in medicine allows people to live up to 200 years.

Living on the Titanic

I am now 154 years old and looking for a quiet place. The stories about the sinking of the Titanic have always fascinated me. A life on the sunken steamer seems reasonable. I have found my place for the next 50 years and I can already hear the theme music of Celine Dion.

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