The world in a hundred years – day trips with the “Sternencenter

Illustration by Susanne Gold, Text by Petra Höberl

Slept late, I loll about in my wonderfully soft bed

A glorious day is in store. Outside the birds are already chirping.
Quickly I get up and pull back the curtains. Awww, our country estate’s getting more and more beautiful, I think. My husband and I have made our hectare Buddhist. Everywhere there are small power places and springs where you can find peace and quiet.

I remember my ego amused a hundred years ago

At that time I wrote down my fantasy of what the world might be like in a hundred years.
I never dreamed then that it would actually be like this.
Yes, every family has its own hectare of land, if it so wishes, and that in the whole solar system

There is enough space for everyone and we are currently exploring a new universe

This reminds me of my volunteer work. We no longer work for money, but only for pleasure. Everything is in abundance and is shared fairly. Telepathically I contact my colleagues. “What’s new?” I ask.

“We have found a beautiful planet.”

There is a cloaking ship on its way to see if it is inhabited,” the answer came.
“All right, let me know if you hear anything new” I return excited.
A new planet is a really exciting thing. Peacefully, I make myself breakfast. The children are already on their own adventures and the man is at work where he is physically needed today.

I enjoy the silence and let my incarnations run like a film in front of me

It amuses me who and what I have been. There’s just about everything there.
Hero, failure, daredevil, coward, whore, saint, villain, murderer, saviour and much more

The list is long. “Things have gotten better in this world since we can remember our incarnations,” I think to myself.

“The planet is inhabited” is what it says in my head.

“We need volunteers to beam down. Do you want to?” I’m thinking. Yeah, why not? In the afternoon I take a leisurely walk to the Sternencenter, where I get prepared and the adventure begins.

I land in an atmosphere similar to Earth

The air is stuffy and it is very loud from all the traffic noise.
People walk around hectically and see nothing because they stare into their phones.
This reminds me strongly of 2018:
“The planet is very promising, but they need another 100 years

Scotty beam me up!” I giggle.



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