The last hour at the headquarters of Sankt Oswald – the world in a hundred years

by Gerhard Zirkel

Sankt Oswald – 15.03.2118 X-IA Headquarters

With an easy step he left the entrance door and walked the few meters through the tunnel to his EUV. It was only a few meters to the Chancellor’s office, but nobody went anywhere on foot. Not for a long time. Not in the innermost centre of power.

The air outside has not been breathable for a long time

The last decades had been hard – for the others. He knew fresh air and natural surroundings from books and pictures. Must have been nice back then. It had started very promisingly, it must have been around 2018.

It was then that the term X-Frequencer came up

A term for people who were energetically high vibrating. Even though they were still considered highly sensitive at the time. They were all into it, all the spiritual people. His father, too, had been in the middle of it at the time.

All those who believed in themselves that they were special, but they were only fooling themselves.

They believed they could save the world

Actually, some of them were really good. The X-Guard, for example, his father, he had it down pat. He already understood back then where the world was going and he did it right.

He founded the X-IA, among others

He no longer had to deal with all the sacrificial lambs, but worked for those who had the power. The corporations in particular. Hence the name X-Guard, he had been the energetic protector of the leading caste. But in the end, even he did not foresee what had happened.

Who would have seriously considered her return?

Hadn’t that been dramatic enough back in the middle of the 20th century? But it did happen and his father had his share of it. He didn’t know when he was a kid. The world had been fine then.

Sure, he had already realized that they were special

During the decades of the Great War they were among the few who had food and were protected. Millions of people had died miserably, but as a child he could not quite imagine that. And why not?

His father was right in the middle of it, still the X-Guard but now no longer for the company bosses but for the new leader. One who did not come from the ranks of politics – because politics had long since ceased to have any power.

No, he had come from the ranks of the corporations. For a long time it had not been clear to him how this could happen.

Until his father told him, on his deathbed, some kind of confession

How he slowly went from being a pure protector to an active part. How he had switched to the dark side, at first timidly and then quite openly, when he started to take out enemies. All this to make his boss stronger. That he rebuilt entire corporate structures in a black-magical way, how he eliminated unwelcome opponents. Worldwide.

That was a shock. A big shock

But he also owed his father his career. In the X-IA, the authority that was the center of the new power. He had risen there at breakneck speed, from level to level, the heritage of his father. And he had it going on, all that magic stuff.

All this went through his mind in the few minutes he spent in the office

To the meeting he was called to. Face to face with the Chancellor, the Almighty. Yes, he had access to that level of power and he would use it. Yes, he would. Past all those gray faces – over the stairs, up the elevator. Past even more faces.

Undisturbed, for he had long since joined the inner circle of power

Nobody mistrusted him, nobody could stop him except the chancellor himself. As he stood before him, his path was clear. Everything he was was right in front of him. The second most powerful man in the empire, the most powerful to him. It had to end, it had to end now.

In a flowing movement he pulled out the gun, aimed it, two people, two shots, both straight at the target.



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