Surprise – resonance!

Most of you know what I do here and – who I am: I collect utopias, dreams and stories.

I have advertised in various social media to send me fantasies about the “world in a hundred years”. For this I even overcame myself and put a video of myself online, which my pubescent daughter finds “totally embarrassing”. No, no further links at this point! 🙂

I was inspired by the drawings of the artist Coté for the world exhibition in 1900

Now I have put the first submissions for “the world in a hundred years” online.

In response to my appeal in the social media, I have so far been sent over twenty fantasies about the year 2118 – each with a photo and biography of the visionary.

A surprise – the people themselves!

What I did not expect – the biographies are partly so weird, so crazy – so “different”. Some of them more oblique than the vision of the world in a hundred years itself.

Digital nomads, heart welfare advisors, shamans – what a lot of life concepts there are! In astonishment I put the biographies online.

A testimony from the sounding board

I see these biographies as evidence of the resonance triggered by digitalization – namely the progressive individualization of the life concepts of the people who experience them.

Professions for which there are only very small sales markets and models of life that seem simply incredible.

People look inside and concentrate on the things that are at the core of their being. In a world that is so much in flux, the only fixed point seems to lie within each of us.

This is why the concept of mindfulness is on everyone’s lips, this is why people meditate today – far beyond all cultural boundaries.

An unprecedented search for meaning has begun

We concentrate on what makes us unique: our perception, emotions, dreams and wishes. A shared view into the numerous micro-universes that everyone carries within themselves.

Everyone strives for meaning. Everyone has their own way of getting there. Even though we are different from each other, we are on a journey together.

Each of us is a universe – on its journey from unknown starting point to unknown destination

We can no longer orient ourselves by the life concepts of our ancestors. They are no longer an answer to the world that is today.

This becomes clear from the numerous discussions on how to deal with digital media. How much is right – how much is good, when is it harmful? Our parents couldn’t live up to this – they didn’t have tablets, social media or smartphones.

Today we have to define everything anew and ourselves – in almost all areas of our lives. That’s why, in response to digitalisation, we have begun to create a new social world. We have gone into resonance. Because somewhere else, other than within ourselves, should we find the answer to what is important to us?

One can only marvel at the diversity we can encounter in ourselves and in other people.

No technological development will be able to answer the question of the meaning of our existence

But everyone is trying – today more than ever!

We have truly arrived in the resonance society. I suspect that this is the most elementary value that digitisation brings to people.

We have begun to light the way for each other – to the unknown destination

How fascinating, what life stories there are! What incredible people there are! What varied beauty!

How great that I can reach you with my ideas! In no time before this one would this have been possible. I am moved and grateful.

For those interested in “the world in a hundred years” stories can be found here

If you are interested in the biographies, you can look here

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