Who is Susanne Grosse-Venhaus? Biography

After her studies, Susanne Große-Venhaus initially worked as a project manager in marketing. Today she works as a coach for women.

Who am I?

I do have some really weird thumbs. Definitely too short, small and knobbly and the crowning glory of the mischief: the nail is more cross than high.

What does that have to do with me? All and nothing

As a child there were times when I constantly tried to hide these thumbs so that I would not be teased because of it. My thumbs are different, which means there’s something wrong with me. Shame.

Quite stressful, especially since I was allowed to notice new “other-than-usualities” in me, my behaviour, thinking, feeling and my body again and again in the course of my life.

Shame again. Speaking of “well-behaved”: I try to live a life that conforms to the rules and to please everybody. And at the same time, I am desperately fighting to be seen as I really am.

After my studies I worked in marketing project management for several years. A lively, versatile and demanding job, performance counts.

Something I loved about the job was sitting in the web like a spider, keeping track of everything and juggling all aspects of the job at the same time, being able to react quickly to the unexpected, being in contact with lots of people. Communication.

Then I became pregnant twice and lost the baby both times, the second time when I was already in the 6th month. When this baby died in my arms after its birth, I experienced at the same time much love and beauty in this terrible moment.

Afterwards I went through deep despair. At the same time I experienced life as if through a magnifying glass and I became aware of the value of the moment.

A few years later, everyday life had returned, I now had a living child and that showed me just what a defiant phase is, namely when the child discovers its will and the parents become defiant.

It was during this time that I met “The Work” of Byron Katie and to this day I can’t let go of it.

In the meantime I have been able to dissolve my defiance countless times with it, my defiance about life, which also sends me a lot of pain, about my body, my sexuality, people who have annoyed or hurt me. A little bit of work is also like dying, old beliefs are buried so that something new can be resurrected.

I keep realizing that maybe I’m not who I thought I was. For example, I have always believed that I was a rather logical thinking head-woman, down-to-earth, but certainly not creative or even sensual.

Today I am (perhaps?) a woman who experiences herself as a deeply sensual sexual being, who paints pictures and writes beautiful touching texts and poems.

With my texts and coaching sessions I mainly accompany women who want to free themselves from restrictive patterns and shame around their relationships, their body and their sexuality. Women, they long for more love, life and lust. When I work with a client, I’m all human.

All my experiences enable me to immerse myself in what moves and weighs my client and to support her in finding her very own way.


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