Who is Stefan Froehling? Biography

Stefan Fröhling has a degree in theology and works as a ghostwriter and proofreader. The author has been working with his co-author Andreas Reuß and others since 1990.

So far, more than 20 books have been written – mostly in joint authorship – mainly cultural and travel guides. He has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines. A special project he is working on with the author Andreas Reuß is the development of the crime series around the Catholic moral theologian Prof. Philipp Laubmann as a novel and television series. Stefan Fröhling has been an intern at the Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich and has since written features, audio pictures and radio plays as well as created talk shows (including contemporary witness talks) for the station. He is the sole author of a theatre project about the “stove builders of Auschwitz”.

Who am I?

In the past, authors were often treated like garbage.

This has changed in the meantime; today, waste is treated better. The social romanticism occasionally expressed with regard to being an author lacks any foundation in the face of a mercilessly exploitative media society. Society despises the writing guild, and the occasional brief euphoria should not disguise this.

The media companies degrade the freelance authors. What drives you as an author is only the existential survival of the next week and the next month. Nothing else.

The consciousness of who you are and what was important fades away completely behind it. An interview conducted with Wolfgang Koeppen, an important author of German post-war literature, is legendary in its shortened version: “What do you do all day long? – “I’m very busy.” – “With what?” – “I don’t know.” [Quoted from suhrkamp tb. 2450: One who writes.]

The world in a hundred years? By Stefan Fröhling here in the blog.

Publications by Stefan Fröhling can be found, among others, in the DuMont publishing house, Nicolai publishing house, Pustet-Verlag Knecht/Herder in the Bayerische Staatszeitung” or the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Contact to Stefan Fröhling? Here


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