The world in a hundred years and the “feel-good society”

Illustrated and written by Franziska Afflerbach

Actually, no one can imagine it any different

People are very much at home. Everybody feels good. The inner navigation system serves as a guide. It’s always been there. Why people did not live by it in the past, nobody can imagine today.

Why should people do something they don’t feel comfortable doing?

Why agree to the pain and suffering? It no longer makes sense. People feel their inner drives. They are very clear about their wishes and interests.

No one can fool them. Nobody’s trying to fool anybody. Everyone is only busy expressing their own inner creative urge to the outside world. Where did people in the past take the time to worry about the things and desires of others? Nobody knows anymore.

We find a cooperation company

People who live up to their potential live their creative power. There is already an immeasurable diversity that is surpassed in richness every day.

Soon we’ll have to move to other planets

The earth is so full of blossoming life and pleasure. One will soon have to move to other planets in order to be able to live out this creative urge adequately.

Every water is so clear, the air so pure, the winds dance touching games

Insects are buzzing everywhere. Everywhere a creative force. Nature unfolds like colourful fireworks. Fascinating buildings fit smoothly into the overall picture.

People meet regularly to “educational groups with homogeneous interests

Ask questions and you get answers. Anyone who wants to mature skills will be initiated by the professionals.

Offspring are created in love and received in the space of love

Parents are powerful and conscious in their creative power and accompany their children lovingly. Adoulas are at their side at the beginning. It is important to people that each newcomer can arrive in his body appropriately and develop the potential he brings with him.

Full of expectation, parents observe the creative powers that their children want to develop. People rely very much on the natural ripening process.

There are a few educational companions who exclusively accompany processes of potential development

But there are not many that need it. All people accompany each other lovingly. Everybody cooperates with everybody. Education takes place always and in joy. Like groups of creators, education groups are heterogeneous in age. It goes without saying that people only expand their educational horizons according to their interests and sense of well-being.

Otherwise a feeling of worth living is not built up either. No one would even think of trying anything else.

No one can see the point of “forced education that dissipates talent and obscures personality”, let alone derive any benefit or necessity from it.

It is not forbidden, just no interested forced education or professional practice

Accordingly, nobody does it anymore. Education and professional practice always take place with dignity and well-being.

If a person is really exhausted, which is extremely rare, then he or she goes into regeneration. He rests in the bosom of his community until the creative forces have found their way back to him.

From time to time the old-fashioned term work is still used

But in general, people almost exclusively use the term creation. Everyone sees himself as a creator.

Everything that people materialize, whether food, pieces of furniture, houses, means of transport, musical instruments, etc. is in their eyes “work of creation.

Everything is seen as having equal value.

We are in the middle of a cooperative feel-good society. Like it’s always been this way.


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