The world in a hundred years

The world in a hundred years? What will she look like?

In 1900 Jean-Marc Cote also asked himself this question and drew the fantasies of others. His drawings for the 1900 world exhibition were enclosed in cigar boxes. Such supplements remained in vogue for a long time.

Visions of the future have fascinated people!

A vision from the last century was that people could talk to each other – without being in the same place, as you can see in the picture supplement above.

Does this advertising supplement of a margarine factory from the twenties of the last century remind you of anything? 🙂

With my project “Reality, Utopia and Glossary” I want to imitate this.

I am obsessed with the idea of finding images from the next century:
On the net. In people’s heads.

Do you have an idea what the world might look like in a hundred years? Write to me!

I collect utopias – I am the utopia collector!

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