Environments that can tell stories: Who is Jan Reuter?

Jan Reuter is an interior designer who lives and works in Munich. He is a well-known figure in his industry and has attracted considerable media attention with his diverse projects.

What drives you, Jan?

It is important to me to create coherent environments: In other words, spaces that tell a story.

It’s especially important for me to find out what makes people tick when I work with them. This allows me to translate their personalities into coherent environments. In other words, spaces that are the way someone wants to be perceived. For me, it’s all about coherence, about harmony between person and space.

What would you need for a fulfilled life?

That has changed a lot! In my mid-30s, I had the strong feeling that I had to prove myself. I wanted to prove to the outside world that I had achieved something. This was very much about growth. But my understanding of success has changed a lot over the years.

Today, intellectual growth and inner wealth are more important to me. This change is related to my life story, which was full of crises and upheavals: Everything I built up, I also lost again and again. At the best of times, my office had four employees and I got a lot of media attention. For the world out there, I had achieved a lot. But then my husband became very ill. When he died, my life completely fell apart for the time being. Since then, my office is smaller and I do fewer projects.

What exactly leads to inner wealth, Jan?

My ambition has changed. Above all, I want to do beautiful projects that bring joy to me and my clients. Enjoying the work, getting deeply involved and taking time – that has become my way. I’m happy when my input is sought and I get to create something beautiful.

It sounds like your work is your life and your life is your work. Is there such a thing as work-life balance for you?

There is no difference between work and life for me. Relationships with customers are relationships with people. And when I deal with people, I always want to be respectful and loving.

I don’t believe in a hierarchy of importance. What is important and what is unimportant is ultimately always a question of perspective and distance. That’s why it can happen that small things throw me off enormously and I remain completely calm about big things. I want to feel beauty and balance and bring it into the lives of others.

You want to know more about Jan Reuter?

Then follow Jan on Instagram or LinkedIN or send him an email. Read even more about him on MünchenArchitektur, Houzz and visit his webiste.


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