Fashion is the Soul of Identity – Who is Paula Kiessling?

Paula Kiessling is studying Fashion Journalism & Communication at AMD Munich. Her article on the topic “Fashion in the Metaverse” (Mark Zuckerberg) will be published soon. But first we want to introduce you to the young student.

Paula was born in Starnberg in 2002. On the side she works for the company Luxottica Germany
GmbH in the area of business development as a working student.


My creativity and the passion to create something drives me. It does not matter
whether I’m very excited about a current topic or not. I do research, write texts
or pursue my hobby of jewelry making. Or I think up a new dish, cook it and post it all on my social media account. Developing an idea as a team and completing it through shared creativity
and sharing, like our first big project, the “CopyCat of the fashion magazine ‘Süddeutsche
magazine ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’, that excites me.


I’m studying Fashion Journalism & Communication at the Academy of Fashion and Design because it allows me to combine my two greatest
my two greatest passions: writing and fashion. For
me, words are the basis for living together. We can express our emotions and our knowledge
we can express through them and reach people with them. Fashion is for me
the soul of individuality, but also a mirror of society.

My goal in life is not to regret not trying something in the end. The social
media present our generation with challenges such as fast pace and a representation
portrayal that does not necessarily correspond to real life. That makes it all the more important
to be authentic and open for new things, to try never to lose the tolerance for other points of
for other points of view and to keep objectivity.

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