Last but not least … (52/52 – Terraism)

Illustration by Susanne Gold/ text by Ted Ganten
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Afer 52 blogs this series is ending today. As emphasized in the beginning, some of the ideas are – at least to my knowledge – relatively fresh and certainly need discussion, revision, and detailed study.

What are the risks and side effects?

We need to pay close attention to the fact that in turning away from our current total humanistic approach, inhuman or discriminatory interpretations do not undermine the goals of the association. If one already breaks with the prevailing opinion of humanism, there is a strong temptation to break with all existing ethics and to be intoxicated by the radicality of the new. That is not my approach. My idea may develop slowly and should be discussed thoroughly before it is implemented. Swinging pendulums tend to cause mischief.

Could states become terraistic?

It is an essential part of Terraism to build a counterbalance to national state. to not be confined to boundaries. So, no, states cannot become terraistic. However, in my view, some of the solutions proposed in this essay can also be applied, with some modification, to the further development of our liberal democracies and associations of states. For – despite all the justified criticism of democracy – there is currently no better form of society. However, it is time to courageously develop it further. Otherwise the incompetence, lack of flexibility and inefficiency inherent in the current system will drive democracy as a form of government into the abyss. The autocratic China with its strategic capitalism currently mirrors us such shortcomings. Dissatisfaction is palpable everywhere and is blossoming wildly in the world.

Last but not least

It is unclear whether and how a terraistic association will develop. But if this booklet contributes to the understanding that the universe was not created for us – but that we have the honor to live in it. If it sharpens the view that we humans in our present form are anyway only a snapshot in the 3.5 billion years of evolution. If it clarifies that we must prepare ourselves for a foreseeable future, which we should embrace instead of fearfully preventing. If there are aspects that make individuals, companies, associations, and organizations think. Then the time for writing down these thoughts was very much worthwhile.

The present life is so much fun and I see so much potential in humans that I personally like to support the chance of Homo Sapiens to develop further into something new. You do not have to see it that way. But if you agree with my opinion, you will not get around realizing that we have to do something different.


I would like to thank first and above all my daughter Kiara for listening to my first ideas on Terraism on a weeklong hike. Special thanks go to the Utopiensammlerin e.V. that publishes this blog and of course to Susanne Gold, who founded this blog and was a relentless illustrator and emotionalizer of the script.


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