A Map of the Future – The World in One Hundred Years

Illustration by Susanne Gold, Text by Punita Parekh

However, if we talk about the future, that is 2121 across various fields


Everything would be automated from technology to Artificial Intelligence. Computers, Laptops and smart phones would be replaced to something more sleek, simple and convenient.


We will still have different currencies and will be equally hungry to garner money. However, we will no longer have different cards and accounts and each person will have one account through which they will transact. Electronic money will replace paper money and online transfer will be the dominating form of exchange. The lifestyles of the poor will improve with education and healthcare seeping into the rural areas, but urbanization will continue to get and generate the economic flux. Work culture will be hugely changed as employees will now work from home rather than from any physical office.


Basic communication will be almost free for all. We will have faster and more luxurious trains and planes, but that is about all. Teleportation will still be a vision (just because we know a law of physics does not mean we can hack it always) Fossil fuel will either be dwindling or entirely gone. If it exists, the prices for oil will be extremely high and only the very rich will be able to afford it. If not, electric and solar cars will flank the roads.


Emotionally we will be still a confused species, who fear to laugh when we are happy and hope when we are sad. Psychological diseases will increase a lot and psychology consultants (not doctors) will have a roaring business. And among the smart robots, solar cars and beautiful bodies, we will still be wondering alone, searching for meaning and purpose of life.

Overall, life after 100 years will surely be a boom and positive for most of us.

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