In transformation there is renewal – who is Peter Worschech?

At Toastmasters Germany, he practices giving speeches at the ‘Rede Club München’ and he mainly takes on the role of giving feedback. Creating poems is his latest passion. He is active as a volunteer at the Holzkirchen Civic Foundation and organises the monthly meetings. Twice a year he invites artists of different genres to the Open Stage Holzkirchen in the picturesque hall of the Schlossbräu Valley. Who is Peter Worschech?


In 1974, he blindly began an apprenticeship as an electrician and became acquainted with the performance-oriented working world of the skilled trades. Desire, will and striving were “zero” in the early years. The occasional dreariness caused by domineering bosses sharpened his guiding thought, “What do I want in life”? The first self-determined professional goal became apparent at the age of 25, when he attended the master craftsman school for one year. With the title in his hand, he tried his hand at a planning office for electrical engineering.

The desire to create something where desire and passion develop

This inspiring playing field was not yet the driving force for happy work. What was still missing? A diffuse feeling was knocking steadily: The desire to create something where desire and passion unfold. The employment as an energy consultant in the electricity industry clearly broadened the scope of experience. Assignments on the front line, at trade fairs and info-mobiles already resulted in finding meaning. Feeling one’s own impact when talking to customers, experiencing the social “being allowed” even when the rules of the business were tighter, shaped his self-concept. But over time, one relies on acquired core competencies, where one imperceptibly slips into comfort zones that rarely unleash development. Before the threat of demotivation sets in at 40, it is better to focus on DOING and go back to school. Effort included. The course in building biology to study the holistic relationship between people and the built environment was a good final decision. With an inclination towards energy issues and the living environment, the logical next step was to train as an energy consultant in the trades at the age of 50. This newly acquired strength repeatedly resulted in a satiated feeling of satisfaction. Arriving at one’s destination has an ambivalent appeal. Is arriving worth striving for?

The deeper meaning of “self-initiating”

Soon the framework conditions in the job changed. Energy consulting was abandoned, the new recipe was: we do sales. A new challenge where failure is possible. The beginning was bumpy, the optimism fragile and the counterpart “inner blockade”, poof, soon forgotten. Being in sales means persistence, reliability and presence. The guarantors for this: inner attitude, listening, flanked by an authentic smile. Direction, strength and duration of the high were in the green zone on the fun scale. So he felt the meaning of motivation, the deeper meaning of self-initiated. This is what drives Peter and therein lies buried his treasure. This path never played out in the fast lane, yet a driver for 90% satisfaction. A dash of dissatisfaction is intentional, the remaining 10% is usually the best driver to turn things off that are not to one’s liking. This is what life tastes like with its comprehensive range.

For the future, he wishes for a world without plastic. Where burger bags, cigarette packets and butts no longer line footpaths and roadsides. This requires awareness and probably results in dwindling attitudes such as consideration and respect for the environment.

Peter was born and raised in Munich in 1959. In early retirement since January 2020, he combines his pleasure with walking, hiking, running, travelling, handicrafts, motorbike wrenching and cruising. He lives with his wife in Holzkirchen, and their two daughters, aged 32 and 35, have long since taken wing.

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