The future of education begins today – the world in a hundred years!

Illustration Cornelia Harss/ Text Birgit Wichmann

What about education, how will it develop in 100 years?

At present, teaching in schools takes place classically in the classroom. The students are in the same class level and the same subject together with about 30 children in the classroom and the teacher holds the lesson there personally, explains the learning material and can send it to everyone personally. Teaching material can be distributed to the students in paper form.

A particularly popular feature of this form of teaching is the direct contact with friends who are in the same course.

Now, with the corona virus in 2020, digitalisation has been strengthened and face-to-face teaching in schools has been transformed into digital online teaching. This is the form of teaching of the future – this is also how we can imagine teaching in 100 years. The prerequisite for this is that schools and pupils are equipped with the appropriate digital equipment, i.e. I-pads or laptops with which they can participate in digital lessons.

The digital online lessons are held in such a way that the teacher and students each sit at their laptop at home and communicate with each other using an online program and the Internet.

Such programs are for example ZOOM or Skype. With Zoom you upload the program and log in. A link to the planned course will be given i.e. time / teacher / student / subject for a specific teaching unit. With this link, teacher and students enter the virtual classroom, meet each other practically online with sound and vision and can then communicate here.

Data and exercise sheets can be uploaded and exchanged, you upload them as a document in document memory and store them so that the other person can open them in this memory. In this way, teachers and students can communicate with each other orally and also in writing. The online course works with one teacher and one student, but it is also possible to have more than one student in the same course taught by one teacher. If the subject and the contents are the same for all students, the teacher can speak to all of them at the same time and deposit the teaching materials for all of them. The students work on them and send back their results edited.

This is what the school of the future will look like!

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