The one for whom political commitment counts: Who is Birgit Wichmann?

Birgit Wichmann was born in Moers in 1966.

After her training as an industrial clerk and foreign language correspondent in a radio presentation, she already started writing. She worked for several years in Düsseldorf as an export clerk and later moved to the University of Bonn as a foreign language secretary. At the same time she studied political science and media studies. Among other things, she assisted in projects for the Senate for Economy, World, Forest and Climate and in the secretariat of the Federal Association GEDOK. In the meantime, she is active as a pupil’s aid worker in the field of education.

What drives you, Birgit?

As a writer, I have specialised in political poetry and have already published three books of my own. I was a member of the literary studio of the Frauenmuseum Bonn for many years. I still hold readings there and take part in the organisation of exhibitions and vernissages.

I am passionately committed to Europe and am a member of Pulse of Europe. It is important to me to help promote the European idea. As press officer of the Pulse of Europe Bonn I have contributed to making a difference: It is important to me that we have a common future at European level, a future that we all shape together.

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