Displayloop – the world in a hundred years

Illustration and text by Eugen Schramm

For me there are two futures I am always working towards, a project completion in the foreseeable future and my artistic nature is a future that is not tangible and is constantly evolving. I cannot predict what our society will look like in the distant future, there are many possibilities and theories for that. As long as our solar system works, I hope that there will still be a blue sky on earth and that people and animals will have a healthy living space, that is essential. We should internalize this and try to stand up for it in all situations of life.


The sketch “Displayloop” by Eugen Schramm is an incentive to simulate various physical processes in a loop and to play and experiment with the representations. For example, the processes inside a particle accelerator could be animated and visualized in the display sculpture. To be able to see all sides simultaneously, one would have to make the blind spots visible with mirrors or other displays, inside or outside. Many technical modifications in image editing and processing are possible and also necessary.


The artist Eugen Schramm comes from Miasskoje in Russia and was born in 1979.


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