The perfectionist who is inspired by life: Eugen Schramm!

Eugen Schramm comes from the Russian Miasskoje (born 31.1.1979) and spent his childhood years in Schumowo, Moscow and finally in Anapa on the Black Sea.

What drives you, Eugen?

I am a very curious person and fortunately I have a profession through which I can satisfy my thirst for knowledge. As a visual artist I have the opportunity to get a taste of many areas of life, to discover new things and to learn. I accept commissions from different people and companies to create art for them and to expand my knowledge. Every day the question arises what a work of art should look like in the near future, what creative process is necessary and how it works. I love to research new knowledge in the present, combine it with my knowledge and experience from the past to create something for the future. It often appears to me as an act of re-sorting. I am downright addicted to this procedure and I can understand very well that creative people cannot stop inventing until old age, as far as it is possible for them to do so for their health. It’s a bottomless pit because every future naturally always becomes the present and the future must be redefined anew.

Early artistic passion

From the age of seven, from September 1986 to December 1989, out of his own desire to pursue an artistic career, he attended the municipal school of fine arts in Anapa on a part-time basis, where he acquired the basic techniques of painting. His mother, Lilli Schramm, encouraged his talent and passion for the fine arts. Their joint escape to Germany in 1990 brought them to Bonn. The early death of his father, Alexander Koschkarov, and the unsuccessful search for a suitable art mentor made him an autodidact. With his extensive knowledge in the realistic, but also abstract representation of motifs, he now began to create his own combinations of form and colour and to use new materials.

Profession and vocation

Today he draws and paints almost around the clock. Since the beginning of 2005, he has been internationally known as a freelance visual artist and entrepreneur and has worked on renowned commissions. Since 1998 he has been constantly expanding the spectrum of knowledge in painting in the context of his collaboration with artists, designers and architects.


In addition to commissioned painting and the creation of his own individual works, the promotion of young talent is a matter of concern to him: At schools and vocational training centres as well as in his private life he imparts his artistic knowledge and the joy of painting.

Colourful perspective

He hopes never to lose his curiosity and to be allowed to work with many creative people. The versatility of life still offers him the inspiration to work freely, to follow different paths of traditional and digital painting and to pursue various styles. He always wants to understand all parts of a project and the connections between them in order to perfect them. Each new understanding is a small drop which gradually forms a great flow of knowledge.


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