Compassion for people born out of war and devastation: Who is Tarek Shuieb?

Tarek Shuieb was born in Binnish, a little village in Syria in the year 2002 and from a young age, he was exposed to various cultures and ways of life as he moved between Qatar, Turkey, and his home country. Unfortunately, due to the sudden changes in the political climate, he was forced to seek asylum in Germany, Berlin. Despite the challenges he faced, living in an environment so new to him, he completed his A-Levels, setting his sights on pursuing higher education.

In 2021, Tarek moved to Munich to attend the prestigious Technical University of Munich (TUM) to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. However, he quickly discovered that his true passion lay in the intersection of Design and Computer Science, resulting in him changing his major and enrolling in Hochschule München, where he has improved his skills in both Design and Computer Science.

What drives your spirit, Tarek?

With the help of my professors and fellow students, we started working on a variety of projects, one of which was the development of a chatbot named „Botto“ aimed at reducing the anxiety and stress of students. This project demonstrated my passion for making a positive impact on society and creating solutions to real-world problems.

Outside of my academic pursuits, I enjoy exploring the city of Munich and traveling to different places to learn about new cultures.

Growing up, I witnessed the devastation of war and the loss of loved ones, which gave me a deep sense of empathy and a drive to make the world a better place. I am committed to using my creativity and ambition to contribute to the betterment of people’s lives.

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