The solution to all problems? To be whole human again through consciousness – The world in a hundred years

Illustration by Eugen Schramm/ Text by Dr. Jan Ullmann

Pablo loved to help young people develop humanity of the last 100 years. He guided the students through the Gallery. The first work of art showed the dramatic contrasts of then and now.

“We have achieved what was already considered ‘the next evolutionary stage of man’,” he explained I would like to add to that. “We have become aware of our own consciousness. This solution of all the problems that we were still “Loving coexistence rather than hatred. Mindless Dealing with nature instead of destruction and greed. Conscious, creative exploitation of each individual’s potential rather than an unconscious, conditioned life. But how can it be that this awareness leads to these positive circumstances? To do this, I need to ‘Basic disorder’ of the person who is still able to large parts.”

Essential and yet often overlooked: The human consciousness

The second image showed people in their own heads just out to the bed, so awoke in himself and there into a Mirrors looked.

“The essence of man is his consciousness,” Pablo explained I would like to add to that. “It’s like the screen in a cinema: without this, we could not ‘there’, could not perceive anything. It’s the Projection screen for everything that happens in our lives. Like a Vessel filled with what we commonly ‘live’ Call. The problem: Many people were aware of this awareness not conscious, although it accompanies each individual from birth. Instead, they lost their minds. Even if it is almost too sound simple: it is always only thoughts that are the cause of our problems; the voice in our head. ‘My country, my God, my race is better than yours,’ ‘I have a problematic life story is to blame for the other’, ‘I still has to achieve this and that in the future, only then can I be happy’. But no one gets racist or with a problematic life story.”

The third image showed a man from whom spirits rose, which ordered him to move. Pablo continued to speak.

“The thoughts are thought from birth about conditioning education, society, media, etc. into our brains ‘in-funneled’, especially in childhood. The result of this beliefs about themselves, reality and culture – collective beliefs – and a ‘sense filter’ that on the reality of things like a veil. This is the first time not problematic, only if these thoughts are a permanent, subliminal self-life and we are so involved with them identify that we believe these thoughts to be.” The leads us to react unconsciously to living conditions instead of to act consciously – and to all the problems of the people, in the Small as in size.”

Pablo gesticulated emotionally as he continued: “The overlooked truth, however, is that we have thoughts, emotions and a body, but we are not our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies. We are the consciousness that can observe these thoughts. Just as it is clear in a cinema, that the film on the screen is just an illusion, a mind game – but it is all too easy to get completely lost in it and to overlook the canvas.”

The psychological time as an illusion and cause of many evils

The fourth image showed people who, like angels, made of themselves while they were taking part in artistic activities. Dedicated. Pablo was touched every time he was told, while he continued:

“When man is aware of his consciousness (by the way the essence of almost all religions and philosophies), i.e. understands that he is not his thoughts, but the observer of his Thoughts, then he realizes: It’s always only now. Time is an illusion, ‘but a very stubborn’, as Einstein has already said. The past? Thoughts and circumstances that I can no longer change. So why worry about it? the future? Not yet, even in thought. Why so worry about it? There are always only the Present. When a person recognizes and internalizes this, he is really free. Deep, inner satisfaction arises. Because they are always only the thoughts about a living situation that make stress, circumstances themselves.

When the inner critic is silent, real creativity can empathy and love. Only if I have my conditioned recognize concepts and memories about others as thoughts and Let go, I can love unconditionally. The philosopher Eckhart Tolle has described a self-test, which can be carried out at any time Can. The question is: ‘What problem do I have now in that moment?’ – not yesterday, not in 5 minutes, not at some point, but now? The answer: At the present moment, there are no problems, as these are only projections of the mind Are. So when the past and the future are an illusion of thought and problems can only take place there – then you have to conclude that there are actually no problems. Sure, it continues to pose challenges in life, such as Diseases or difficult living conditions – but they are no longer unnecessarily reinforces the commentary of the inner voice.”

“The Pain Loop”: When the pain of the actual state is greater than the fear of the unknown, change occurs

“How did it come about that people all have this awareness in and now live a peaceful coexistence?”, one of the students asked.

Pablo smiled.

“Well, it took a little ‘loop’, namely that of the Pain. Only when one realizes that the concepts and beliefs about himself and the world out there nothing but a collective illusion, consciousness arises – in other cases, the conditioned mind, the human ego, still sits on the tax without us being aware of this in the truest sense of the word Is. As long as everything ‘goes well’, there is no Reason to change something. But if greed is caused by supposed salvation will not be satisfied in the future, beliefs will be turn out to be non-functional from the past, then acknowledges the awareness that these things are a illusion. The resulting pain is unpleasant, but this is precisely why a wonderful index finger and accelerator of this Process. If a single or collective ‘it cannot be so go on’, then the way is clear for real Change – ideally back to the essence of everyone.”

People in 2019 were missing something – what was it?

The fifth picture showed the situation in 2019. Pablo Explained:

“People in many places on earth were actually doing well. They had shelter, shelter, food and everything they needed to live and yet they were almost permanently latent Unhappy. As a result, they are gradually getting things into question and about meditation instead of ‘doing more’, occasional silence instead of ‘even more media consumption’ and real, resonant coexistence instead of ‘virtual separation’ step for step back to what is one of the few universal Truths is: The present moment, free of thoughts about Past and future. Even the people who do not have shelter and had little food, they became aware of their own maturity, instead of continuing to be taxed and exploited by third-party taxes.”

A new perspective on “reality”: The world is how you are

“It didn’t happen immediately,” Pablo said. “The Burden of many millennia of collective human unconsciousness. But gradually we succeeded in becoming the essence and thus also our sense of life. And since education and training are responsible for the emergence of the human ego, the ‘inheritance’ of collective beliefs was also Step by step less. School, which instead of a rigid concept is now a creative life companion, is defined by critical thinking, lived creativity, individual potential development, collaboration, empathic coexistence and “Who am I really? How can we I’m all human?’ These are the key questions of today’s education that leads to a better world. Because one of my Favorite quotes from director David Lynch sum it up nicely: ‘The world is as you are’. If we are defined by conscious perception and action instead of conditioned, foreign-controlled thoughts, then the next evolutionary step is in gear.”

The last work of art was a mirror. The students looked inside and acted as if they were sucking up Pablo’s words and implement itself. Pablo loved that moment.


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  1. Corinna says:

    Illustration and text work perfectly together. In the illustration I see wonderfully witty references to Salvador Dali and surrealism. Ideas which, as we know, originated about a hundred years ago with the discovery of the unconscious by Sigmund Freud and which we have been working on intellectually and artistically ever since. Together with the oracle of Delphi ‘Know thyself’ we reflect ourselves in the world today and in the future. Thank you to this match, which brings the basics of our being back to mind in this beautiful way !

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