The one with the Fuck-It list. Who is Thomas Bergmann?

Thomas Bergmann was born in 1962 near Stuttgart. He cites driving licence, college and divorce as his biggest exams in life. The certified business economist can look back on many years of experience in marketing and communication – in the field of sport and travel.

In addition to his work as a PR manager, he has a teaching position in the Department of Communication Sciences at the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University of Munich. There he imparts practical knowledge of advertising and communication to his students.

What drives you, Thomas?

Seeing life as an adventure and daring new things

Not thrills, but overcoming myself and expanding my own boundaries to discover new things drives me.

For example, when climbing handle by handle on the vertical wall to climb up and only be in this one moment. So that I forget everything around me.

A few things are extremely important to me in life: fun at work, ideally in the field of sports and tourism and a lot of time for my two sons. I love to experience a renaissance of my childhood with them and to let myself drift: ride a longboard, jump from the ten-metre tower or build a Carrera track and race.

It is the little adventures in life that are important to me. For example, swimming with snowshoes through the Black Forest, exploring the nearby Alps and in winter in Lake Fuschl – that’s what I enjoy.

I used to travel a long way for adventure. I was regularly surfing in Hawaii, climbing in East Africa, skiing in Alaska and trekking in Central America. Today I am particularly attracted to the little adventures right on my doorstep. That’s why I follow my so-called “Fuck-it” list. There are things like: taking in a homeless person for a night, having to work in a slaughterhouse, or standing as a preacher in the pedestrian zone for a day.

I think there are a lot of little things to do that can make a difference. That’s why I’ve abolished my car and cycled or trained all routes.

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