The one who believes in the power of human consciousness. Who is Jan Ullmann?

Dr. Jan Ullmann – works in Munich on meaningful (digital) education as an e-learning trainer & consultant.

Jan was born in 1987 in the beautiful Ore Mountains and came to Munich in 2006 to study as a teacher, which he completed in 2012 with the 1st State exam and 2018 with the doctorate on “Development of explanatory videos for an English self-learning course within the framework of the ‘Flipped Classroom’ principle” concluded with “summa cum laude”.

He also worked in well-known companies such as Siemens, IBM Deutschland and United Internet. With the foundation of his own company “Lernhandwerk” he combines his passions didactics/pedagogy, meaningful digital technology and human consciousness – and has been working full-time in this area since the end of 2018.

What drives you, Jan?

My vision is to let every individual recognize and develop his or her full potential through education of all kinds – from kindergartens, schools, education/universities and training in companies.

I see my role as supporting this process and making everyone aware of their potential.

I firmly believe that with the essence of man’s consciousness, we can solve virtually all of humanity’s problems. I work on this, step by step, every day with great joy and could not imagine a more beautiful task.

Contact Jan?

Information about lectures & workshops can be found here. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn or write an email.

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