Who is Friedrich Wegenstein? – Biography

Friedrich Wegenstein, born 1951 in Vienna, is a graduate in business administration. For more than 30 years he worked successfully as an independent consultant in the economy. During this time, due to his philosophical curiosity, he constantly encountered the contradiction between the one-sided interests of our material world and the actual necessities of life.

His first book, entitled: “It breathes me, Evolutionary Ethics“, deals with ethics from the perspective of the Enlightenment and the natural sciences, as well as on the basis of current findings in brain research. In it he deals with the tragic idea of evolutionary selection according to Darwin, which ultimately shaped the ideology of the Third Reich.

Friedrich Wegenstein’s latest work “Knapp-Wertvoll-Sparsam” settles the score with our wasteful economy and can be purchased online or in bookstores. You can find his guest author contribution here.

What drives me? I care about in life?

The confrontation with inhuman ideologies and the recognition of the power-oriented roots of our socialization strengthened me in the fundamental importance of free and unhindered access to education. However, my concept of education does not only include vocational training, but above all education that enables empathy, critical thinking, joy of life, personality development and personal responsibility.

I am of the opinion that the Enlightenment is far from being realized. Striving for human development is for me a collective as well as individual life task. I understand every mistake as a prerequisite to learn. My intention is never to lose my curiosity.

Here you can find Friedrich Wegenstein’s guest author’s contribution in the section the world in a hundred years.

If you have any questions, Friedrich Wegenstein is available for you via e-mail.

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