The world in a hundred years – humanity has a child!

Illustration Susanne Gold, Text by Ralf Gawel

There is a huge hype about artificial intelligence – every day we see and read new stories

And justifiably so! Because it is certain that AI will completely and permanently change our life, working environment and our behaviour. 100 years ago the world also went through such a technological adaptation. From steam engines to electricity and – until recently – the Internet.

Arrived in our daily life

Whether banking transactions, fashion, education, self-propelled cars or CCTV – surveillance cameras: they have arrived in every area of our daily lives, the AI.

AI – Child

The AI is still in its infancy and learning. Artificial intelligence will adapt – across all cultural and social classes – to us and our behaviour. Intelligent systems learn from us: everywhere and everything. Whether it is our behaviour or our perception, or the way we deal with each other. AI even learns from our five senses.

AI is still learning about us primarily from our consumer behaviour, but in the future its learning will encompass much more than that: There is no human scenario that cannot be studied and learned. We teach the AI our world knowledge, like parents teach their child.

Our World – Data World

Our senses are converted as data into interactions. In this way the AI learns how people see their world and how they act.

Today, we have already implemented systems in daily use that can interpret and analyze seeing, hearing, speaking and even feeling.

A command or question is activated by small plastic boxes or a touch screen. Research teams are working on digitizing even odors or tastes. Here too, the AI will learn from the parental preferences like a child.

The Internet is rapidly bringing forth new innovations and creating new digital paths. That’s when the AI will totally change our environment: Our mindset, our human interactions and even cultural customs.

We control the AI through our design and our thinking. We are the parents and the designers! Our behaviour today will determine our future: Because we are the role model for the AI.

In a hundred years, when the AI has grown up and come out of its infancy, then it will be seen whether our child has enjoyed a good education. We bear the responsibility for this today!

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