A new category in my blog: Vision Company

Building a business requires courage, capital, the willingness to leave the comfort zone of a regulated life and a market that can be developed.

What at first sounds banal often turns out to be a great challenge. Family, relationship and friends of founders are often put to the test. This is particularly the case if the market to be developed is a new and rather unknown one. The search for a potential investor is then even more difficult, as there are few opportunities for comparison. In this category of my blog I would like to give space to the courage, willingness and brilliant ideas of founders.

I write about these people! You can find the first features here.

So, my hope, I want to contribute to the success of brilliant ideas!

Susanne Gold

Gründerin & Herausgeberin des Zukunfts- und Wissenschaftsblogs Utopiensammlerin

Futuristin, Utopistin, Erfinderin und Sozialwissenschaftlerin. Sucht Utopien und sammelt Geschichten. Versteht Digitalisierung als Aufbruch in eine neue Welt – und träumt von einer besseren.


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