Craft digitizer? Martin Urbanek! Biography

Martin Urbanek has set out to digitize German craftsmen. How? With a cloud software and App. But that’s not all – he’s already working on a multicloud solution that will link tradesmen together!

Born 1975, Martin was a stock exchange trader and investment analyst. As Head of Corporate Finance he worked for an auditing company. He also demonstrated his skills as a supervisory board member and managing director of a listed IT hardware company before founding Vallovapor GmbH in 2009.

In 2018 Martin founded the software start-up for the digitalization of crafts enterprises – openHandwerk. With his app, he has set himself no less a goal than to make all the craftsmen in Germany agile.

What’s important to me?

We live in a time in which people are flooded with data and information both professionally and privately.

It is important to me to create free space – for myself and other people.

So that we can concentrate again on the essentials in life. To this end I would like to use the added value of digitisation. Through processes and automatisms we free ourselves from tiresome and repetitive tasks.

For me, digitisation is only a means to an end!

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