Christmas in a hundred years!

by Petra Höberl

Today we remember Luise. Who’s Luise? She’s the girl that got rid of Christmas! Why is that?

In order to understand this, we will go on a journey through time, to the year 2048: there, on Christmas Day, this story begins

Little Luise is very excited. Because today she is allowed to give the annual speech in the church. “Mama, couldn’t I wear the indigo dress instead? I think it’s much better today!” The mother smiles at Luise. “Are you sure? I like the green dress very much. It’s a wonderful way to spend Christmas, don’t you think?”

“Please, Mommy dearest! The green dress is nice, but I like the other one better!” By now her mother knew well that it was pointless to discuss with Luise. Especially not over a dress. Her little daughter knew very well what she wanted – and what not. All too often she only understood in retrospect why Luise preferred something. To other people she often seemed puzzling.

They had supported their daughter unconditionally and stood behind her at all times. That wouldn’t change today because of a dress! The mother remembered her childhood very well, in which there was no room for self-determination. This situation would have been quite different – that’s why she replied full of indulgence: “Of course you may wear the indigo-coloured dress. As long as you’re comfortable, dear.”

Luise loved her parents more than anything. She knew very well that she was always pushing them to their limits. In general, she seemed to see things that other people seemed to be blind to.

This is one of the reasons why she loved her parents: They believed and supported her – but she was still a little uncomfortable today. She had not told her parents what she wanted to announce in her speech in the church today. How do you think that will be received?

The big moment

“Dear congregation! Dear Father! Dear brothers and sisters in spirit! Christmas is the festival of love! The love for our neighbours and for ourselves. Much has changed in recent years. We humans have changed!

The love shines ever brighter in our hearts, it has created a beautiful picture! What Jesus taught us, we have finally understood!

We not only understood it, we internalized it!
I thank you dear Jesus that you believed in us and always saw in us the best version of ourselves. Jeepers! You said anyone can be like you and so much more. And now it has finally come true! Last night you came to me – What you told me scared me at first. But then I understood. You said that today was the last Christmas you would ever celebrate!

Christmas was a symbol of the love that could be real for each of us at any time. Now – finally – we humans are ready! From today on we celebrate love every day: always and anytime! Maybe we’ll have new parties. But Christmas comes to an end today. Amen.”

There was a dead silence in the church

But then a loud and long cheering broke out, something like that had never been heard before. People celebrated their last Christmas in 2048. They did so with a mindfulness that the Earth never saw before. The love they spread that day is growing and spreading – until today!

Merry Christmas, dear utopia lovers! Spread your love: Today – and all days!

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