Mrs. UseBuse and time travel – the world in a hundred years

by Vera E. B. Schoenfeld

For children, Ms. UseBuse usually travels around the world, but for this blog everything is different!

Ms. UseBuse is returning from a trip through time.

From a long journey through time. From 2018. She’s holding her suitcase. The little light case. The suitcase is so small, it fits in the pocket of your travel coat. Mrs UseBuse is at her front door. She wants to open the front door. She does not use a key for this, like in 2018, no, she does not. That won’t be necessary. Your front door is equipped with a thought sensor. With a personal thought sensor. Mrs UseBuse thinks: “Door, open” and immediately the door opens. How convenient!

Mrs UseBuse goes into the hallway.

She puts her small light suitcase on the floor. She’s smiling. And think, “Suitcase, grow up and open up!” Immediately the case becomes large and opens. Yes, he does! And it’s all in the case. Everything that Ms. UseBuse took with her on her time travel: Her nightgown, her favourite flowered nightgown, the rubber boots, the yellow rubber boots and many other things to wear. Also her favourite book, the trill flute, the golden notebook, a lounger with parasol, an e-bike and other things. Many other things. A lot of other things. Everything fits in the case.

And again Mrs UseBuse smiles.

How nice that she could take all these things with her on her time travel. In her little light case. This has only been possible for a few years. Since the invention of the quantum leap technique, the quantum leap technique for suitcases. Mrs. UseBuse had the quantum leap technology for suitcases installed in her suitcase a few years ago. Combined with a personal thought sensor. Now she can travel in much greater comfort. When she’s on the road, all she has to think about is: “Make the suitcase small and light” and it will be small and light. And when she wants to unpack it, Mrs UseBuse thinks, “Suitcase, grow up and open up!” Like now.

Mrs Usebuse unpacks her suitcase.

As she unpacks, she thinks about her time travel. The long journey through time. To the year 2018. That was some time travel. A very nice time travel! Mrs UseBuse travels to 2018 often. Very often. So often that she even rented an apartment there. Next to her flat lives her neighbour, the fat neighbour. A very nice person.

Mrs. UseBuse also knows many other nice people in 2018.

During her time travel she visited Mr. Mörchen in his flower garden. And she talked to Mrs Kunz, about her addiction to drugs. Frau Holthaus invited her to “Volltreffer Herz”. And then Frau Kunze gave her a beautiful pendant and she exchanged books with Frau Wende. In addition, Mrs. UseBuse has met many other great people: The magician of the Oswald, the utopia collector Mrs. Gold, Mrs. Bruse, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Schepers, Mrs. Zinnel, Michael Lahme and many others. Many, many other dear people!

Yes, 2018 is beautiful. Beautiful!

However, Mrs. UseBuse did not tell her friends in 2018 that she is a time traveller. No, she didn’t tell me that. That would scare those dear people. They wouldn’t understand. Because in 2018 the time quantum leaps had not yet been discovered. No one would have believed it. Today, time quantum leaps have become a matter of course. And simple. It’s so easy!

Ms UseBuse has a quantum leap sensor.

For time quantum leaps. The time quantum jump sensor shows her where is a good place to start the time travel. A time quantum leap. That’s where Mrs. UseBuse goes. With her suitcase. The little light case. For the next step, Ms. UseBuse then only needs her personal thought sensor. This is programmed for time quantum leaps. Clearly. Mrs UseBuse thinks: “I want to go to 2018” and there she is. It’s very simple. And when she wants to go back, she goes back to a time quantum leap and thinks, “I want to go to 2118.”

And she’s back again. In 2118. Simple!

Now Mrs. UseBuse has emptied her suitcase. All empty. Now she’s tired. Very tired. She brushes her teeth and puts on her nightgown. Then she goes to bed. She closes her eyes and thinks, “I’m falling asleep right now.” And so she does! Mrs. UseBuse falls asleep immediately… because her thought sensor works wonderfully.

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