Who is Vera E.B. Schoenfeld? Biography

Vera E.B. Schönfeld is a storyteller, author of children’s books and head of a technical training department. She was born in 1963 in Blumenthal in Schleswig-Holstein. She is a trained electronics technician and graduate engineer in electrical engineering. Many successfully completed further training courses, such as pedagogical-psychological consultant, Montessori diploma and NLP Master (Society of NLP) complete her profile.

What drives you? What’s important to you?

I am a storyteller, stories for children and for the young at heart.
I love it when the thoughts form in me and the words come over my lips as if by magic. It’s so nice to look into shining children’s eyes.

It’s so nice to see the grown-ups smiling.
My stories are mostly exciting, sometimes weird and always with humour. And they turn out well, always! With children, my stories leave a calm that makes it easier for them to fall asleep in the evening. I conjure up a smile on the faces of the adults that makes their lives easier.
The “Stories of Mrs. UseBuse” (Volume 1: “The suitcase is gone” and as eBook) have been published as a book so far. Actually for children from 3-8 years. But also many young-at-heart love the very special character of Frau UseBuse, her experiences with wit and the quiet ending.

Contact the author : visit the Vera E.B. Schoenfeld website or write a mail to V.E.B Schoenfeld. Or view her Instgram profile and find her on Facebook.

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