Migration to the North – The world in a hundred years

Illustration by Susanne Gold/ Text by Michaela Rajana Sens

Everyone has moved away.

At least, most of the people I’ve known. There’s not much left to get here in the desert. Only watered green under one roof. I don’t like the heat either.

That’s why I’m going to join the caravan to the far north, on foot or by e-bike, there haven’t been any cars for ten years now – they’ve taken up too much space for all the people and steel can’t be produced in sufficient quantities.

My children no longer go to school every day

Most of it is done electronically using solar power and PC and mobile internet, no matter where you are. From time to time there are meetings somewhere on the European continent for exchange. Anyone who wants to can take part.


I myself live in a communal room of the resource administration of our district of life

I also work there in exchange for my livelihood and the care for myself and my children. My husband and a few others are currently on their way to build our new home in the cool north. Everywhere there are these self-sufficient self-sufficient communities, after all systems finally collapsed about twenty years ago Every single one gives what he can give and I am happy and glad about that


The pressure of the earlier years from my childhood days is past.

Now I’m going to check in one of our kitchens to see what’s for dinner there today and then go to my bunk satisfied.

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