Shaping the future? An illusion!

Nobody can.

In The Black Swan, the scientist Nassim Nicholas Taleb shows that unlikely events such as the invention of the Internet, reactor accidents and the Second World War occur more frequently than expected. What is certain is that such events cause a regular and profound paradigm shift.

Nevertheless they are completely unpredictable.

The mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz describes with his Butterfly Effect the fact that in non-linear systems like our reality even the smallest changes in the initial conditions can have gigantic and unpredictable consequences.

Everyone knows the image of a butterfly’s wing beat in Brazil, which leads to a hurricane thundering to the coast of Texas years later.

Both ideas have one thing in common. They expose an illusion – the idea that you have some kind of control over your life.

But the truth is that we live in an incalculable and unstable world, in which theoretically anything can happen at any time.

Therefore, the only thing we can create is the moment.

Right here, right now.

Precious moments – strung together with luck, like pearls on a necklace.

Each one is its own small and perfect world – in its sequence completely arbitrary.

The good news?

This also applies to the dystopias of the pessimists – it is quite possible that they will not take place, as said before!

So I can continue to collect utopias with confidence! ☆☆☆



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