Who is Thomas Schnorrenberg? Biography

Thomas Schnorrenberg comes from the Cologne area and was born in 1975, which gave him plenty of room to become a collector of experience. Always interested in technology, his professional career has taken him through two technical apprenticeships and a wide range of jobs such as purchasing manager of a network systems house, security engineer of a private detective agency and technical consultant in the management of UPS.

Since his heart has always beaten for people, he decided against a corporate career and now works as an online marketing consultant under his own label

Another passion of his is science fiction and fantasy. Therefore he fulfils his childhood dream and will publish his first novel.

Who I am and what drives me?

Besides the love for my two children, there is another great love in my heart: the love for people in general. Even if there’s a lot of real a…….
So I have a dream. The dream of inspiring people to work together. They don’t even have to like each other. After all, it would be enough if they started to respect each other and let everyone have their space.

Just imagine what would happen if we could do that to at least 1% of the people. When 8 billion people started to work together on the real problems of humanity instead of banging their heads and ripping each other off!

Our civilization would go through the ceiling like a rocket.
I know it’s unlikely. But there are goals worth fighting for. Even if you can’t reach them in your lifetime.

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