Not only is intelligence artificial, but so is the holiday!

Artificial holiday worlds

Today people have high expectations of their holidays. It should be the perfect mixture of comfortable ambience, impressions of the foreign, a little bit of sport and at the same time almost homelike security.

These wishes want to be served!

Large tour operators offer more and more staged and arranged holiday worlds. Originality, authenticity, naturalness – are the currency with which the longing for immaculate recreation is paid for.

In this way, more and more artificial (artificial) places of recreation are being created for the traveling society: Luxury resorts, apartments for example in the style of an old Moorish villa or American ranch, heaped up sea islands with perfect beaches and – the mega-cruisers.

Floating cities

When the permanent sea view on the mega ship becomes too boring, the floating city offers various entertainment, shopping and sports activities – just like in a small town. Even your own small marina is conceivable. The trend towards artificial recreation also manifests itself in the rooms of the huge ships – for example “Moon over Vegas”, without daylight in the eternal twilight of space with a view of an artificial lunar landscape, nevertheless makes the cheaper rooms, which are not outside cabins, an attraction.

A hundred years ago

If a man dreamed of such a ship. He will have already died and his name is unknown to me. With his imagination alone he has provided a fascinating testimony to his existence. His vision of the future was captured in the small picture you see here.

Fantasies can become true!

This is an advertising picture of the “Wagner” series. In those days, small drawings of the future were added to margarine or chocolate packages to amuse customers. And so these little pictures transport the fantasies of our ancestors.

The world in a hundred years

I want to preserve the fantasies of my time. That’s why I collect stories of the world in a hundred years.

Why am I fascinated by the fantasies of other people?

Because in our fantasies our wishes and desires of the present are manifested. How can we make it into a better future if we don’t even know what we are dreaming of?

Thank you very much!

The picture is on loan from the Hamburg Postkarten – Museum for my utopia collector blog. The owner of the museum is so enthusiastic about my “The world in a hundred years” – idea that he offers me his pictures on loan free of charge.

For me, it is therefore living and clear proof of the move away from pure profit maximisation and greed for profit towards cooperation and a sense of community.

Of course, this trend has not yet reached the minds of everyone. But it is ultimately the character of a trend that it can no longer be stopped 😊

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