The world in a hundred years – a good day

by Marten Steppat

I put on my full body tracksuit

and activated it. “Program One,” I told him.
In front of my eyes an old-fashioned training room with equipment, mats and training people in the background was created. A corresponding background noise was created directly at my ears. As if by magic, my arms rose into the air, because the artificial muscles in the suit moved me into the right position. My hands grasped a pole. The rod wasn’t really there, but the glasses of the suit made me see one and the mechanics of the suit made me feel it.

The first goal was ten pull-ups

Powerfully I pulled myself up the pole. The suit really made me feel like I was losing the ground under my feet and pulling myself up into the air. However, the exercise was a little easier to set up. I was just a beginner. My goal for next month was ten pull-ups without relief. And at some point I would set a higher level of difficulty. I did it.

The next step was to do ten push-ups. I just let myself fall forward

I knew, of course, that I couldn’t have done it without the suit, without risking injury. But the suit caught the case. I landed in position and immediately started with the push-ups. After I had completed my program half an hour later, I took off the suit.

The room was bare and empty

There was a door behind me. Light was emitted from the walls, but so diffuse and discreet that it was not visible. The room was simply bright, without any visible light source. I pulled my computer out of my pocket and put my thumb on the identification field. “Wardrobe open,” I said, and watched as a wall cover drove up, revealing the view of my wardrobe. I put away the tracksuit. “closet closed, living room ambience country house,” I instructed him, “functional area office.”

The walls turned into the wooden boards and supporting beams of an old country house

A warm tone emanated from them. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and shimmered in the way I loved. I was into floorboards. Houseplants stood in the corner. In front of me a big window through which I could watch the perfect sunrise in almost untouched nature. The edge of a forest with a lake, in which a heron stood quite meditatively. The morning dew flashed on the grasses when the sunlight broke inside.

The perfect illusion

Simple constructions came out of the wall to my left, unfolded in a complicated dance to a desk and a chair. For a moment it looked strange, because the texture of wooden boards and supporting beams was visible on it. But with a brief flicker, the constructions seemingly transformed into solid oak wood. My workplace was ready. I controlled my job and earned steadily more.

Soon I could afford to unlock the speakers in the floor –

it would then sound as if I was walking over wooden planks. I had already experienced it with my neighbour and had been enthusiastic. In addition, he bought fragrance cartridges, which I also wanted to buy. I would even smell the wood! My heart leapt at the thought. My computer made a soft sound that meant that my purchase had been delivered, but that wasn’t important now. I sat down at my desk and pressed the barely visible switch, through which a screen from the construct went up.

Today, the first thing I was supposed to do was to talk about the megapartment B-Life 30; the building complex that provided living space for a million people

I lived in a complex like this myself. Cheapest living space combined with the latest technology for comfort. I placed my computer next to the screen and used it to increase the oxygen supply in the room. This cost more, but it also increased my mental performance accordingly. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. The appropriate words began to flow into my consciousness. I opened my eyes and looked out of the window satisfied.

An idyll. My idyll!

On the screen the gigantic, grey building complex could be seen. I imagined a million people creating a million paradises in a million small cells. Euphoria ran through me.
It was a good day.

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