Art that stands for itself. Who is Annette von der Bey?

Annette von der Bey was born in Remscheid in 1965. She studied fine arts at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. In 1990 she became one of Professor Fritz Schwegler’s Meisterschüler. Since then she has been working on her art. She puts detailedly painted canvases together to create room filling installations with classical oil painting techniques.

What drives you in life, Annette?

I’m a painter. I express myself with images. There are so many of them inside of me. I am overflowing with them. I have to let them out. Getting them out is the main goal. Once they’re out, they have to stand on their own. I can only paint what I understand. I have to fathom the materiality of objects. I try to understand the world, objects and connections. To do so, I study many things and disciplines. I am constantly learning.


Visit Annettes from the Beys Website or follow her on Instagram.


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