The world in a hundred years: Spiritual contraception and souls with a plan

Illustration by Sharon Calman / Text by Stephanie Hakel

Marie lies relaxed in the bathtub

As relaxed as she can be at this moment. She breathes deeply, feels the next contraction coming. She goes under and exhales. She did not experience the energy so intensely at her first birth. She’s reaching her physical limit. She is in pain and at the same time she feels the power that is released in her. Every further contraction makes them more tired and at the same time more powerful. Take a short breather.

Ariell, her doula that accompanies her at birth, gently lets warm water flow into the tub

Not too warm, so the contractions won’t retract. Dari, her mom, lighting a candle. One for every contraction. It’s what Marie wanted. Marie’s thoughts travel to her great grandmother. She would be so happy if she could be there today. If she could experience how today’s births differ from those 100 years ago.

When her great-grandmother gave birth to her baby it was all different

Much more impersonal – babies were born in hospitals. Many even by cesarean section. Today, the cesarean section is only performed in case of danger. It’s when a woman’s life is in danger, or a baby’s. The hospital from a hundred years ago no longer exists either.

Those who are ill go to the Wellness Center, which at the time of her great-grandmother would have been considered a 5-star holiday

An abundant choice of delicious food and a wide range of sporting activities. Singing and dancing lessons. Creativity courses and much more to help you get healthy.

If only Marie’s great grandmother were here. She would be so proud of Marie. The next contraction is imminent. Marie breathes in, dives under water and blows out the air. She is completely focused on her breath. She reappears and traces the energy of the contraction in her body. Breathing away the contraction makes the pain bearable. Her midwife is watching. There is no reason for them to intervene. Marie’s doing great. She lets herself be guided by her intuition, as if she were guided by a divine power. Marie knows about the magic of vaginal birth.

The forces and energies are free

It’s indescribable. This painful process which is so full of wonder How each individual contraction moves through the body, releasing energies to guide the baby’s body through the birth canal. Marie is all alone. She senses and perceives. She is going about her business. She loves it. At that moment she feels herself to be a woman. There is no more feminine moment for her than this.

Dari, light another candle. Marie’s back hurts. One last contraction and she will give birth to her daughter Aurelia. Marie knows that. She has a very good body feeling. For her it is quite normal to listen to her body and trust her intuition.

Terrible, these stories from back then and the people who ran heartlessly, almost mechanically, through the area. Hunted. Always looking into the mobile phone and without any vision or personal responsibility. Today it is completely different. Humanity would become extinct

For the souls of the 22nd century choose only parents who are aware of their task

Who listen to their heart, feel and take care of themselves. Respect yourself and live consciously. Parents who have a vision of life and know what it means to become parents.

There are no more unwanted pregnancies

And there is also no contraception any more. You don’t need that. The souls do not go to parents who are not yet ready for this important and honourable task.

Only when the parents, and indeed really both parents, are ready, the soul sets off on its journey

In order to receive a soul, parents must become aware of their responsibility. They must be prepared to push their imagination to the side so that the child can develop freely. Only then can you become parents. Another contraction. Take a deep breath, submerge yourself, blow out the air, let the baby glide out with your last strength and a smile on your face.

Dari, light one last candle.




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