Let us be like water!

It is the ability of carbon to bond with other atoms that made the origin of life possible.

But another power was needed: the water!

What an incredible talent the water has! It connects to almost anything that comes within its range. It is gentle and yet so strong that it even forms heavy rocks. It is always in motion and yet stable. It appears in constantly new connections.

Everything is water and water is everywhere

Its mixture of mobility and stability means that water can form a variety of compounds. Water is probably the most creative “element” that we have on earth (in science, water is not an element, but a chemical compound of water and oxygen).

We humans ourselves are one of the creative connections that water has made. After all, we – and all other living creatures – consist of it.

Water absorbs liquid compounds. His ability to be flexible and at the same time stable is the basis for his creativity. Both properties are also excellently suited for creative networks. In a mixture of order and anarchy the greatest ideas are born.

The emotion – the origin of all creativity

The dreams and crazy ideas of people are a chaos of ideas with great potential. For example, Malinda McPherson from the School of Medicine in Baltimore, with her studies on creativity, has found that various neural mechanisms are involved in creative processes. It is very likely that different states of mind – positive and negative – lead to different styles of thinking.

Many states of mind, many styles of thinking – lots of potential!

This means that the larger a network of people is, the more different states of mind there are in it. As a result, there is also a variety of “different styles of thinking” in it.

Such a network of people produces an “ideas – chaos”, which is the perfect breeding ground for the development of relevant innovations.

Each head is itself a network

The neurons of our brain constantly change between states of chaos. They fire asynchronously and uncontrolled. But there are also the phase-locked states in which suddenly many neurons fire at exactly the same frequency.

The neurons in our head provide our ideas through their signals and messages to our brain cells. Yet our ideas are actually nothing more than a complex combination in our heads.

The role of the state of mind

Our minds are constantly jumping back and forth between chaos and structuredness. However, we all “tick” differently, which means that we do not all jump back and forth in the “same beat” between chaos and structure. One lingers longer in chaos, while another has longer structured phases.

Studies have shown that people whose brains are going through the longer chaos phases are more creative and clever. As early as 1950, the American psychologist Joy Guilford, in his lecture on “divergent thinking”, brought out the realization that a distinction must be made between single-track intelligence and multi-track creativity.

Be like water – make connections!

Analogous to the processes in our brain – we humans also fire our thoughts into the world between chaos and structuredness.

While some people with multi-pronged creative thoughts produce new ideas – others, with single-track and solution-oriented intelligence, are able to implement them.

Let us be a union of strange birds!

In order to do something excellent, it has to happen deep inside of us – it has to be done with intrinsic motivation. Nevertheless we need diverse connections to become great.

That is why I call upon you – let us become a network that, like water, is gentle and strong at the same time. A network that can break and form rocks.

For a large network, no obstacle will be insurmountable and no problem insoluble. Together we can make the world a better place!

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