The one who wants to make the Internet safer. Who is Thomas-Gabriel Ruediger?

Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger studied criminology and works as such at the Institute for Police Science at the Brandenburg Police University.

As one of the first representatives of the field of cybercriminology in the German-speaking world, his research interests focus in particular on digital crimes and interaction risks of social media, digital policing, as well as the understanding of the emergence of norm violation, norm development and control in the digital space. He received his doctorate (Dr. iur.) with a thesis on cybergrooming at the University of Potsdam in 2020.

Further focal points here are the effects of the protection of children and young people from harmful media on the development of digital crimes and the significance of media education for the area of digital crime prevention.

He is author and editor of several publications on cybercriminology and digital policing.

For his research on committing criminal acts in virtual worlds and online games, he was awarded the first European Future Prize for Police Work by the European Police Congress.

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What drives you, Thomas?

The interest in exploring the emergence of crime and standards in a global digital space and hopefully contributing to making the use of the Internet safer for everyone, especially for children.

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