People with masks – unmasking lies with a simple trick

There are many ways and reasons to lie.

Some lies are born out of necessity, others out of image and even when the truth is too rude – even to the point of malicious and unscrupulous deception.

Often we use the art of pretending and lying. The average person lies up to 200 times a day – psychologists estimate.

The art to please is the art to deceive. (Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues)

Unmasking a Lie Story – with Criminology

Criminals often have to invent stories to cover up their crimes, which is why this trick is often used in interrogations.

The perpetrators stumble and their story collapses

First of all, you let the story be told to you in peace – without interposed questions, until the end. At the end of the story you ask to tell the story again: And backwards!

Only whoever tells the truth can afford a bad memory. (Theodor Heuss)

Telling a story backwards in a fluent way – usually only the honest person can do that. Even if the liar is very good at deceiving, interrogations about details of the event will throw him off his game. For example, questions about the colour of an object or item of clothing.

The flow of the story stops – that’s what the liar reveals

Once the liar has come to a standstill with his story, he can be unmasked.

Bring the truth to light? This is a different subject – some people need their masks. And another time we ourselves do not want to know the truth.










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