Not a meeting place where people meet

Crowds of people are striving in different directions – they hurry past with their luggage. Towards the goal and immersed in her thoughts.

Nobody stays – most want to move on quickly

A train station is a cathedral of contradictions: order and chaos, movement and lingering, arrivals and departures, transience and permanence, encounter and anonymity, service and expulsion – all these things take place simultaneously.

Everyone in his world

Some say goodbye to each other – in tears or even with relief. Others wait for departure or arrival. Transients – nobody comes to stay.

Every day hundreds of thousands of people are on the move in railway stations, where most of them like to remain anonymous. Who is attracted to this noncommittal?

A railway station is an open and at the same time a regulated place, it is a transhipment point for goods and people. Here different social classes meet each other. Social differentiation and classification happens in the movement of the masses: Those who can afford it hurry past. Those who stay can’t afford many things.

Only the edge remains

“Wanting to sink into the ground” describes great embarrassment. What better place to sink into than the anonymous hustle and bustle of a train station? The edge lingers where the rest of society rushes ahead.

Those who stay and observe here will have numerous encounters with people of all classes. So many impressions, as if he had made a journey himself.

Unusual stories await you at the station. Here the curious, the strange, the dramatic and the unexpected happens.

At the station, you can look deep into the soul of our society.





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