Who is Sabine Stemp? Biography

Sabine runs the “Seelen-Konditorei” and is the author of two books that will enchant others on their way to themselves

40 years of severe anxiety are behind her. In June 2015 her life changed when she understood the causes of the past madness. After hard work on herself, she is now a happy person. And now helps other people with emotion coaching.

Who am I?

I’m Sabine Stemp. I’m an emotion coach and I’ll show you your real power.

My stories scurry right past your mind and do with you what you have wished for so long.

If you want, I’ll take you to your own fairy tale.

Your life is not easy right now, then you have my full sympathy and I would like to show you very much how it can be easier – because I have already gone this way successfully.

After my personal life crisis (deepest depressions, uncontrollable fears, massive sleep disturbances, compulsions) I have packed my deep experiences into beautiful fantasy stories and wrote two books – they will enchant you and take you on a completely new path – towards yourself, your gentle feelings and great possibilities.

The one solution – I don’t have that, but I can guide you very effectively to your own solutions. You are very welcome to get to know me and my work. Just send me an e-mail with your current situation and your special wish for life.


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You can read Sabine’s version from the year 2118 here.

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