Who is Mirjam Usbeck? Biography

Mirjam Usbeck has a degree in education. She is an expert in movement development, breath and voice training & dance as well as creative development and “resurrection” of forgotten or “fallen by the wayside” creative potential and genius. She is a storyteller, dancer and coach.

Her services are Rituals, Coaching & Performance.

Who am I?

I am passionate about creating, shaping and holding spaces where unfolding, memory & deep healing is possible.

I collect stories from different cultures and tell them to others. Some have really happened, some may happen tomorrow, some are fictitious. With great pleasure I recite texts and translate released words and images into movement and dance.

My method and my working medium is the examination of the body and movement: Every experience leaves traces that are reflected in our way of walking, our way of breathing and our way of speaking.

Over the last 20 years I have been involved with the topic of development and growth on many levels in accompanying people.
In addition to my fairy tale and literature evenings, the “Inner Child Yoga” was also created.

Alternating with danced pictures and music, new and magical worlds are created. From a great treasure of fabulous wisdom and fairy tales I create a room full of stories and I invite you to follow me to wondrous and faraway places where bright colours, sounds, beings, scents blow through the air – mysterious and promising – like the morning wind.


This is the way to Mirjam’s world in a hundred years




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