Who is Maike Grunwald? Biography

Maike Grunwald is the inventor of the card set “Cards without words”, which will be launched this year. And this is only the beginning! You’ll hear about the bag ladies and her. Read here how she imagines the world in a hundred years

Who is she?

I am Maike, 45, born in Bremen, moved to Hamburg to work as a primary school teacher. Until last year, when everything changed. I like cappuccino and dark chocolate 70%. I dream of having my own studio in the country.

I love the world of the unconscious, the world of feelings and especially I love it when I can make them visible with colour. When the invisible “ghosts” inside get a name and a story. I am fascinated by the bridge that pictures can build for people: A bridge to the heart, to the feelings. In them lies the power and the magic to make hidden things visible and to make something flow.

At the same time, they are also able to put a lot of information in a nutshell.

With painting I can transform personal themes. I can paint solutions for problems or transform beliefs into drawings.

I am particularly good at going into depth and getting things to the point. I am no longer (very) afraid of feelings, because I experience again and again how grateful they are when I turn to them and embrace them.

Sometimes I’m afraid of spoiling the mood because the deep is my home. I wasn’t born for small talk. Then I often find myself speechless.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why my card set “Cards without words”, which I developed last year and now produce, fits me so well. It will be published at the end of March.

I have other things in mind:

Publishing the stories of the pocket ladies, a little picture book (or cards?) with Lotte and Ernst and then my personal story. What that’s about – I’ll tell you about that another time.

On Mike’s side it goes here.

You can send a mail to Maike at info@maipart.de.


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