Portrait von Matthias Vorwallner

The pursuit of good: Who is Matthias Vorwallner?

Matthias Vorwallner was born in Munich in 1975. He is a certified osteopath, naturopath, and physiotherapist. Through his work with a well-known Munich football club, he has had the opportunity to meet various figures from the world of sports. Currently, he runs his own practice in Munich-Schwabing. Matthias has a passion for sports and enjoys spending time in nature. That’s why he and his family live just outside Munich. When it comes to reading, he gravitates towards science fiction and fantasy genres.

What drives your spirit, Matthias?

I find professional fulfillment in helping others through my work, while maintaining strong bonds with my family is of utmost importance to me in my personal life.

Sport, healthy nutrition, and holistic awareness are central to me, both professionally and personally. I strive to lead an active and healthy lifestyle myself and aim to support my clients on this path by adopting holistic and mindful approaches.

Ethical and moral considerations are essential for me in private, professional, and social contexts, as is the continuous focus on our physical and mental well-being.

I have a critical view of fame and fortune, and I believe that true contentment arises from being mindful of the little things in life. Society’s emphasis on material possessions often prevents us from discovering our true identities and addressing our needs.

Therefore, my guiding principle is “I strive for good,” as I believe that having enough is truly sufficient, and the pursuit of perfection often leads to dissatisfaction. By being kind to ourselves, we can also focus on the greater good within society and appreciate the abundance that surrounds us.

Understanding this perspective allows us to implement many wonderful concepts we already have, such as sharing programs instead of personal possessions.

If you would like to learn more, please visit Matthias’ website.

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