Tomorrow’s Economy Becomes Personal: How Low Code and Edge Intelligence Revolutionize Industry

The future of manufacturing is on the brink of a revolution – driven by two new technologies: Low Code and Edge Intelligence. These technologies will be instrumental in making the way we produce goods more efficient and environmentally friendly, and in conserving our planet’s resources.

Low-code development offers an easier and faster way to create applications for industrial manufacturing. It is a technology that enables developers to create software applications for manufacturing equipment with minimal programming effort on a visual user interface with drag-and-drop functions.

Low-code technology enables companies in the manufacturing industry to create new applications quickly and efficiently, giving them a competitive advantage. Optimised production based on low code enables rapid and flexible adaptation to changing market requirements and thus high competitiveness.

Edge Intelligence is a technology that makes it possible to integrate artificial intelligence directly into the devices on the periphery of a network. In this way, AI algorithms are directly integrated into manufacturing and can process data from production locally in real time.

The combination of low code and edge intelligence enables flexible production at different locations and reduces transport costs and the carbon footprint. This in turn enables more sustainable production tailored to customer needs and lower costs.

The history of the computer virus began in 1984 with the Morris worm. Originally intended as a harmless programme to measure the size of the internet, the Morris worm quickly became a nightmare for thousands of computer users. Since then, the attacks have become more sophisticated and now threaten more users and devices than ever before. That is why data security and protection against cyber attacks has long been a key issue in companies.

But there is also progress in terms of data security: By processing data in both cloud and edge environments, confidential and sensitive data can be stored in the edge environment of industrial plants and kept available and monitored in real time.

The days of mass production without taking individual customer wishes into account are over. Thanks to these innovations, products can be personalised even in large quantities. Today, digital twins, 3D printing, robotics and artificial intelligence enable the rapid individualisation of products without compromising the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production. This enables our partners to fulfill their customers’ wishes quickly and cost-effectively.

Low Code and Edge Intelligence have the potential to work together to drive the industrial landscape worldwide towards sustainable and socially responsible production of goods. So the economy of tomorrow will not only be more personal, but also more environmentally friendly and efficient.

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