You rarely see him without a robot – Who is Jürgen Lippl?

Jürgen Lippl was born in Augsburg in 1992. He says about himself that there are hardly any pictures in which he is not accompanied by a robot.

Even as a child, he was fascinated by science and technology. Later, he completed his Abitur at a scientific-technical grammar school and then studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with a focus on development and design. Since graduating, he has been working for the start-up Devanthro GmbH, which deals with robotics for use in the care of people.

Jürgen describes himself as “a practical nerd who has fought his way through theory to have a better understanding of everything” which he can apply to (almost) everything.


He continues: “I am the machine that develops humanoid robots. While everyone immediately thinks of complicated software and AI in humanoid robotics, the physical aspect is often forgotten. Humanoid robots are constantly on the edge of what is technically feasible and usually beyond the economic realm. Often they fail not because of the software, but because the hardware is too heavy, slow, or above all too fragile to survive in the real environment, in the real world.” He sees changing that as his professional mission.

What drives you, Jürgen?

I grew up with a brother who was severely mentally and physically handicapped and I have seen all my life how important aids such as everyday aids, therapy devices, orthoses and much more are for the quality of life. And how severely we are limited when only a small part of our body no longer functions. My inner enthusiasm and fascination for technology and how it works has led me from everyday aids to exoskeletons to humanoid robots.

Basically, they are all based on the same mechanics and physical limitations and raise the quality of life of disadvantaged people to a level worth living. And that’s what life is primarily about, before you can ask what else life might be about. That’s what it’s about.

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