Passionate about people, stories and justice : Who is Janine Lechermann?

Janine Lechermann was born in Ingolstadt in 1992. After completing an apprenticeship and part-time studies, she swapped her childhood dream of being a journalist for a job as a senior communications specialist for leadership communications. A profession that wonderfully combines her passion for stories about people and topics such as leadership and culture. In addition to her main job, she also follows her personal heart projects: Diversity projects such as the introduction of inclusive and gender-appropriate language at Siemens.

What drives you?

From an early age, I had a passion for two things: people and stories. I also had a very strong sense of justice. When I saw someone being treated unfairly or disadvantaged, it triggered something in me. Namely, the will to contribute to a change. Even today, many people are discriminated against or disadvantaged for all kinds of reasons: People of different genders, with disabilities, of all ages, religions, ethnic backgrounds and so much more. I want to use stories and communication to help stop this discrimination and instead stand up for mutual understanding, tolerance and equality. I want to bring about a change. So that things like equal pay for equal performance or diversity in leadership positions don’t remain utopia – but become reality.

You can find more from and about Janine here on LinkedIN.

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