Stacey Moore in a cafe

The beauty of all things – who is Stacey Moore?

Stacy Moore was born in 1964 in the USA, in Cleveland, Ohio. She studied computer programming, statistics and marketing at Miami University of Ohio. Upon graduation, she moved to California’s Silicon Valley and worked in technology fields for companies such as Apple, Siliconix, and others. She then relocated to Munich, Germany to work for Apple Europe, during which time she traveled throughout the world.

Already as a child she showed creative talent in the field of art and story-telling. In the 1990’s she immersed herself in the study of photography and illustration at the Lorenzo de Medici School of Art in Florence, Italy. For the past twenty years she’s worked as a professional photographer, illustrator and author. Based in America, she enjoys traveling and working from time to time freelance from Europe. During extended stays visiting family in Italy, she enjoys speaking Italian to improve her language proficiency.

What drives your creative spirit, Stacy?

The pure joy of creating! I enjoy mixing vivid colors, whimsical ideas, and a keen sense of humor to express the unexpected. I am also endlessly entertained by studying how we as human beings think, which is then reflected in my art and writing. Primarily I work with watercolors and pencils, and I also sometimes animate this work using digital tools. I love being surprised by whatever I make—whether it’s a painting, a story, a photograph, or an animation. My ultimate hope is to bring people joy and happiness with my art, to inspire their curiosity in life, and to help them develop their own sense of self. I seek to express the beauty and uniqueness of each and every thing, from the tiniest bug to the largest whale. Everything counts, everything matters. There is nothing unimportant in this world.

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