Orientation in the maze of digitization – Who is Bernadette Imkamp?

Bernadette Imkamp studied business administration and, after 20 years in human resources management, now works as a consultant, coach and mediator. Her love for literature and writing started in elementary school and is allowed to unfold anew after many decades of being in the shadows. Bernadette writes intuitive short stories and is one of the authors* writing a first novel together as part of a relay project.

What drives you, Bernadette?

The economy is being led into the age of digitalization and those who don’t keep up with it right away are being left behind. This increasingly creates dissatisfaction, conflicts and mortgages for the future.

Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but at its core there is some truth in it. And this is where I would like to start: I help leaders and professionals who feel as if they are in a dead-end situation to get out of it. As a consultant, coach and mediator, I help people to find room for maneuver and thus to do a lot for their own life satisfaction, but also for constructive living and working together.

You can find out more about Bernadette on her homepage or on her LinkedIn profile. You are also welcome to send Bernadette an email.



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